Tired of Your Tattoos?

Oct 13, 2022

Tattoos have been used for years as a means of self-expression. It is estimated that over half of all Americans under 40 years old have tattoos! About 59% of women report having at least one tattoo, while only 41% of men indicated they had a tattoo. Many people love the tattoo they get, but some do regret it. Tattoos can also look different as you age due to the elastin in your skin breaking down from the UV rays of the sun. Even if you take great care of your tattoo, it will continue to change as you age.

Don’t worry though, Ridgeline Aesthetics has you covered! If you have a tattoo you no longer wish to keep for any reason, there are options to remove your tattoo and start fresh. At Ridgeline Medical Aesthetics, our team specializes in performing tattoo removal using the Harmony XL PRO laser system.


What is Laser Skin Tattoo Removal?

The Harmony XL PRO laser system is an innovative device that uses precise heat energy to target and break up the pigment on the skin. To help you stay comfortable, the Harmony XL PRO also encompasses a built-in cooling system to relieve the skin. 

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

The cost of laser tattoo removal will vary by the number of treatments needed, as well as the areas you want to target. Every individual’s situation could be different. For instance, some patients might require more sessions while others might only need to have a few.

How many treatments are needed for effective tattoo removal?

The size, color, location, and age of the ink will determine the number of treatments needed to effectively diminish the tattoo. During your session, your treatment plan will be reviewed, including the number of sessions necessary to help you reach your goals. Due to the numerous forms of inks utilized in tattoos, the outcomes, as well as the number of required sessions, might vary. Generally, a handful of sessions will be required and are performed 2 – 4 weeks apart.

Some things in life just can’t be fixed! Thankfully, tattoos aren’t one of them! If you are looking to remove a tattoo, contact Ridgeline Aesthetics at 208-932-2330 for a free consultation. At Ridgeline Aesthetics, we want to help you love your skin again!