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Laser Tattoo Removal

Ideal for removal of both dark and bright tattoo ink colors.

Laser Skin Tattoo Removal Treatment in Idaho Falls

If you have a tattoo you no longer wish to keep or you feel that your body art no longer represents you, there are options to remove your tattoo and start fresh. At Ridgeline Aesthetics, our team specializes in performing tattoo removal using the Harmony XL PRO laser system. 

Inks That We Can Erase

  • Dark Ink Colors: Black, Blue, and Green
  • Brighter Ink Colors: Red, Orange, and Yellow
laser tattoo removal

What is Laser Skin Tattoo Removal?

This innovative device uses precise heat energy to target and break up the pigment on the skin. To help you stay comfortable, the Harmony XL PRO also encompasses a built-in cooling system to relieve the skin. When you have a tattoo you want to erase, contact our office in Idaho Falls, ID to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help you.

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

The cost of laser tattoo removal will vary by the number of treatments needed, as well as the areas you want to target. Every individual’s situation could be different. For instance, some patients might require more sessions while others might only need to have a few.

Why do I need so many laser tattoo removal sessions?

Size, color, location, and age of the ink will determine the number of treatments needed to effectively diminish the tattoo. During your session, your treatment plan will be reviewed, including the number of sessions necessary to help you reach your goals.

When will I see results from laser tattoo removal?

Results following laser tattoo removal may differ for each patient. After a session, you should see the tattoo become lighter. Our treatments are every 8 weeks and most patients receive an average of 6-8 treatments. Laser tattoo removal may not be able to fully remove every tattoo. There may be a light color that following your treatments may not be able to erase completely.

Does laser tatoo removal hurt?

Our treatments are virtually painless! While there is pain during treatments, we numb it completely so that any pain you would be experience is minimized or eliminated. 

Patient Reviews

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    Brian B.
  • They always listen and help me with what I need. I have seen a huge difference in my skin from using their products. It has consistently been a good experience coming here.

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    Kristen G.
  • Karissa is so professional and such an amazing human. I enjoy every single HydroFacial as she explains everything she is doing and every step to a fabulous face. Brilliant!

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    Blair F.
  • Hi! I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for prescribing me tirzepatide! I feel so free from food! I didn't realize how much it was such a part of me! Today was my fourth injection, and I am down 9 pounds, which I feel like is amazing for me! It used to take me months and months to do that. I feel so much less brain fog because it is not so consumed with what my next meal will be or how many calories does this have etc. I finally feel like all the work I put into my nutrition and my fitness is paying off! Just wanted to touch base a little bit before our next appointment!

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  • Best office ever...Monica is awesome.

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    Gaylyn H.
  • I had a great experience at Ridgeline! Everyone was very friendly and helpful!

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  • I've already had compliments on my skin. Christina is amazing.

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  • Ridgeline Aesthetics is INCREDIBLE at what they do! I highly recommend them for all your medical and beauty aesthetic needs!

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