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Learn about one man’s journey with ED and Shockwave Therapy.

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What I first want to tell everyone that I needed to come to grips with, is I have a problem. Then, what can I do about it, and where can I go to get help? Now, I don’t know about every man, but it’s just not a thing we all talk about, or for that matter necessarily want to admit to or talk to a doctor about. This wasn’t something I wanted to face for a few years, until I was so sick and tired of remembering the good old days when everything worked like it should. I had a couple of other things that also contributed to my E.D problem. I have been taking antidepressants for years, which are known for sexual side effects. Secondly, I am a Type 2 Diabetic. Many may not know, but diabetes affects your nerves not just in your feet but in your penis as well. It also contributes to artery disease, which affects the small blood vessels.


I felt hopeless. How was I going to overcome both obstacles and get my life back? After long hours and months of research, I found there were only a couple of options for this problem for men with E.D. Now we all have heard about the little blue pill. Studies have found that they are only partly effective with all men, AND with Diabetics, the percentages go down from there. My options: First was a pump and a ring to try to keep the erection up for sex. Wow, what a buzz kill. Secondly, was a shot to inject into your penis to produce an erection. Now, this was not gonna happen for this guy! Then, the big one. Surgery! This surgery is for men when no other option has worked. This is an implant so you can manually inflate the chambers in your penis giving you an erection. “Short Version”. Now, with all this information I had found, what was I going to do? This is where it became really difficult for me. What was my sex life worth to me alone, but my wife as well? Now the depression set in. In this particular instance, my memory was my worst nightmare. I would remember when I could perform anytime the opportunity presented itself and it just made things worse.


Then one day I got a message from my Primary Care Provider Christina Finnerty that she had brought a new state-of-the-art system into their practice that is designed to work for men with E.D., and she wanted to know if I would like to discuss it. I hadn’t heard anything about this at this point, so I went in to talk with her to see if this might be an option I would like to try. Shockwave Therapy. Now I don’t remember all the really fine details so I’ll leave it up to her to explain, but what I do remember is it’s painless and only takes about 15 minutes. So immediately I say I’m in to do this! After thinking about what I had just committed myself to, I realized I’m gonna be embarrassed when I have to get my unimpressive junk out in front of a doctor, let alone a female doctor. It’s just something us guys are not comfortable with doing in the first place, but to add my little problem on top of that fear only made the anxiety worse for me. When it came time to do this, Christina was very professional and put me at ease at how the procedure was going to go. Wow, she just had a way of talking about it that put me at ease.


Now to talk about my results after the 6 rounds of treatments. The first time was painless and went like it should. They said that it would take a few treatments or even a few months after they were done to see any gains in girth, length, or firmness. I saw a difference in how it seemed to be a slight bit longer when soft, I felt.

The second treatment was just the same as the first, and I didn’t really notice anything but also hadn’t tried to have sex in all fairness.

The third treatment was a home run for me! I could achieve an erection good enough for sex for the first time in I don’t know how long. Not really any length and girth results, but an erection nonetheless.

The fourth treatment I really didn’t notice anything different that I could tell.

The fifth treatment I could definitely tell a small gain in girth at the base, and still could get a better erection than before the treatments. I was concerned that it wasn’t as firm as after the third visit. Christina explained that this procedure works by making the body grow new blood vessels and goes through a healing process, and that everyone is a little different in the way they see the results and when.

The sixth and final treatment was actually like the fifth, to be honest.


One month after the last treatment, I have maintained the gains that I experienced throughout the process. Although the firm erections are a hit and a miss right now, I’m not disappointed at all in the results so far. I’m satisfied enough that I’m excited to see the next 6 to 9 months possibly to watch how my body heals and grows new blood vessels to supply the blood for a good constant erection. To be continued.

I would just like to thank Christina for the professional attitude and her relaxing personality in making this an enjoyable experience when it was such a point of anxiety for me initially. If there ever was a female doctor who could put a guy at ease over being embarrassed of his junk, it’s Christina. I can’t say thank you enough. Guys go see her, and don’t be a 55-year-old baby like me. I’m sure you will feel the same as I have.

55-year-old baby.



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