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Ridgeline Aesthetics Skincare Epicutus

Epicutis in Idaho Falls

A luxurious skincare line focused on results

Epicutis is a science-based skincare line that treats skin health and not age. Their products use patented active ingredients made by Masanori Tamura and are developed by a team of scientists at Signum Biosciences using technology discovered by Dr. Jeffry Stock at Princeton University. They pride themselves on their complete transparency about the technologies used to create Epicutis formulas. Each product is formulated with only the best ingredients with the goal of attaining and maintaining healthy skin.

Ridgeline Aesthetics specialists will work with you to get the skincare products that are the best for you and your skin type.

Our Simple 3 Step System

Epicutis offers an easy-to-use, Simple System, that will help to increase the use of each product throughout the week. Each of these steps are essential to promoting healthier skin that lasts. Epicutis is the first and only skincare line that has had all of their products and this 3 step process verified by the Environmental Working Group in the medical grade channel.


Melt away dirt and makeup and unclog your pores with our cleansing oil and exfoliating powder


Reduce irritation and redness while improving overall skin health with our lipid serum


Instantly hydrate and protect your skin with our hyvia® creme, mask, or booster


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